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45 Friendship Love Quotes for Someone Special

Whatsapp About Lines On Love & Friendship

This amazing friendship love quotes will help you disclose your beautiful feelings. We often see many friendships turning into lifelong relations. Bestfriendship day offers huge collection of friendship status, shayari, and quotes. Many friends today stay in touch by exchanging lovely messages and graphics. Thanks the modern messaging apps, it is extremely quick and simple to send inspirational lines on friendship, love, and life.

We are sure users would love to share these lines with their friends and loved ones. Today we celebrate beautiful days like friendship day, and valentines day. Users can also use these lines as status and captions to wish their friends happy valentines day.

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One Liners | Love and Friendship Quotes

One-liners are extremely popular today among youngsters as well as internet users. These one-liners express feelings of love and friendship. Update your status on social media with these friendship and love quotes or one line quotes to express your emotions on some special days for special friends.

  1. I met love when I saw you for the first time.
  2. Love travels through your eyes, touches your soul and rest in your heart for ever.
  3. I always believed in miracles and then one day I found you!
  4. Once you fall in love, you will acknowledge its power.
  5. Man always wants to be woman’s first love. Woman always want to be man’s last love.
  6. The person that you love has power to hurt you most.
  7. Love keeps you happy and smiling for no reason.
  8. Love is the alpha and omega. But friendship is the soul of love.
  9. If I will know I just have last moment with me, I will choose it to say I Love You to you.

  1. I have fallen in love many times… with you always.
  2. Gaining and losing becomes one in love.
  3. Love brings to life everything which was dead in you.
  4. To respect is the first rule of love.
  5. Its better to love and suffer pain than never in love.
  6. In spite of all pains and tears, love is worth falling in.
  7. Burn your heart in love and your life will be a sun.
  8. Love is fast forgiving and slow to anger.
  9. I will always find a way coz you are with me.
  10. The deeper the love, the deeper the pain when its over.
  11. Love does not need a perfect person but an eye to see imperfections with love.
  12. You lose your heart in love and get hundreds of sleepless nights.
  13. Love is a commitment but sometimes its just a passing moment you can’t catch.
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  1. Falling in love is the greatest occasion of life.
  2. Beloved is an angel without wings.
  3. To love and to be loved are the greatest happiness of life.
  4. There may not be love in friendship but friendship is always there in love.
  5. The only remedy for love is to love more.
  6. Wisdom and intelligence are mere words in front of love.
  7. Learn to love and you will learn to live.
  8. A loving heart never ages.
  9. Love is blind but it knows its destination.
  10. True love stories just start, they do not have endings.
  11. Love is an hour glass where heart is filling up while the brain is emptying.
  12. Love makes man poet, marriage makes man philosopher.
  13. The only true religion is love.
  14. Life – love = death.
  15. Love is the best inspiration.
  16. A broken heart is the price you pay in love.
  17. Memories of love are the treasures of life.
  18. When love is not madness, its not love.
  19. Love is a game where both win.
  20. Love makes man complete. Friendship makes man sweet.
  21. Love is constantly loving someone.
  22. Loving yourself is a beginning of a life long romance.
  23. Love is all about genuineness and not perfection.

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whatsapp about lines on love and friendship
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Cheer up your friends and loved ones by sharing these lines. These whatsapp about lines on love and friendship are also perfect for wishing someone happy valentines day. Many times we want to share our feelings with someone and do not find right words. Quotes, status, and one liners are the best ways to express what is in your mind. Why not have a look at our collection of 1st work anniversary wishes.

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