love status for whatsapp in english

New Love Status 2024: Best Lines on Love to Update your Status

One Line Love Quotes with Images you Can Quickly Download and Post

Are you looking for latest love status to share on your status update? These one-line love quotes are simple to get and relate with. Thanks to messaging apps, it is extremely simple to share text and pics with our loved ones. You can also use these lines as captions to let people know what is in your mind.

Sometimes you just want to share something to cheer up your friends. We are sure these one-liners will help you to speak your mind to your dear ones. Bestfriendshipday also provides inspiring lines on love and friendship.

Best Love Status | Images to Share with your Beloved Friends

Pick any line that attracts you or you can relate with. Share them with your dear ones through status update or message.

Its difficult to tell your mind to stop loving someone when your heart still does.

Love brings thousands of miracles like smiles, joys, wetting the pillows, dreaming every moment of one person and dying hundred deaths to see someone.

love status in english for whatsapp and facebook

Love is truly a magic. It brings golden glow on face of person in love.

Love when rejected grows stronger.

Love people and use things. Not use people and love things.

Fall in love with the person with the one you can’t stay without.

Love is not finding the perfect person, its about loving and seeing the person as perfect for U.

Person in love loves to let go all the imperfections.

Love is magical, hearts broken in love are terrible.

Keep the doors of your heart open, love can enter at any time.

Love cures the person in love, the giver and the receiver.

love status for whatsapp in english

Beloved’s smile is more than the sunshine.

Love is loving someone in thousands ways.

I can see u without eyes, can think of you without brain, can touch you without hands. This is the magic called love.

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Love Captions for Instagram for a Quick Share | Images

Apart from whatsapp and facebook, most of us are active today on instagram. These lines are perfect to use as love captions to update your instagram account. We are sure you would love these heart touching status lines.

Love is not just staying together, but thinking together.

The power which is holding universe is love.

Path of love is too narrow to walk unless two become ONE.

I wish I fall in love hundreds of times with you.

Love is without reason and without season.

Love stays even when you lose everything.

Love is richer than the billions of wealth.

Love is worth risking everything.

Love is the poetry of all the senses and rhythm of heart.

A glimpse of beloved means a glimpse of heaven.

love status captions for instagram

Love is enjoying roses while thorns are poking in the hands.

Love not only adds meaning to life but also goodness to heart

Those who love passionately, never age. They die young.

My greatest achievement was to enable myself to propose you.

Your love turned my existence into life.

Love is neither true or false. Its just love.

The spring of love doesn’t know to dry up.

Love makes you forgive everything.

Love is the key to all happiness.

Love is ageless and timeless.

Loving is believing and trusting.

Love introduces you to yourself through someone else’s being.

I have not spent a single day without thinking of you. May be its love.

Love is magical and musical.

Love is defining yourself through someone else. Love is living thru someone’s life, looking through someone’s eyes and crying someone’s tears.

love unites two souls to never part.

1st thing I like 2 say is 3 words just 4 you. I Love you.

Love cannot be followed sometimes but just to be believed.

The sweetest pains are the one suffered in love.

Pick above love messages to update your status with these emotional true love status whatsapp and display your true emotions of love to your people over whatsapp or facebook. You might also love to see friendship status. Also, browse our website to get two line love status and images. Also browse us for valentines day images.

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