happy valentine day status messages

Best Valentine Day Status Messages for Couples

Happy Valentines Day Status to Make your Day Special

This bunch of romantic valentine day status messages are presented on the occasion of lovers day. 14th February is celebrated in the memory of St. Valentine. The day is not a holiday but a modern celebration of love and romance. Many couples today fall in love and those who are in love become one forever. These special lines are written to help couples and lovers to express their emotions of love and care for their loved one.

Valentine day status collections are in Hindi and English languages. We are sure you would love both the collections. Check our separate post on valentines day images and quotes if you are not satisfied with these status messages. Bestfriendshipday.com offers awesome collection of images, quotes, and status for friendship day, rose day, and valentines day. The website also present some beautiful and romantic friendship love quotes and love status in English.

happy valentine day status quotes

Cute Valentine Day Status in English for Boyfriend

Send these super cute status lines to your boyfriend or husband on 14th February. A simple message will bring magical moments in your relationship. Sometimes time and distance make it difficult to be together. You can still make your valentines day special by sending a lovely message or updating your social media status with beautiful lines.

This valentine is very special for me as I have found U

For many, the day is about love and proposals. For many, it is just about memories buried deep down in their hearts

Sometimes you celebrate the day of love just with your memories

happy valentine day status images

A single message from you, a sweet word of yours inspires me to live with smiles and happiness

If you are unable to hate someone even when you have reasons to do so, that’s love.

Today let me look into your eyes and tell you how beautiful I feel for being with you

Thanks for being my loving friend and my Valentine

You are my Valentine! This day adds meaning to all 365 days. You add meaning to my life

If loving you is a mistake, I would love to repeat my mistakes

Love happens in a moment, it may leave you or live with you. But stays in your heart forever

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Most Romantic Happy Valentines Day Lines in Hindi for Girlfriend

Also, find valentines day status lines in Hindi language. Express your emotions using Hindi lines written on love.

जिसे दूर रहकर उम्र भर इतना चाहा दिल ने

वो पास होते तो जाने क्या मंजर होता

हैप्पी वैलेंटाइन्स डे

Jise dur rahkar umr bhar itna chaha dil ne

Wo paas hote to jaane kya manjar hota

Happy valentines day

happy valentine day status messages

तेरी आँखों में मुझे मेरी ही तस्वीर दिखे

इससे खूबसूरत नज़ारा दुनिया में और क्या होगा

Teri aankhon mein mujhe he tasveer dikhe

Isase khubsurat nazara duniya mein aur kya hoga

हमने तो माँगा है खुदा से तुम्हे हर सजदे में मगर

कोई दुआ भी तो कुबूल हो हमारी

Humne to maanga hai khuda se tumhe har sajde mein magar

Koi dua bhi to kubul ho hamari

मेरे जिस्म के टुकड़ो का गर महल बन सके

तो हर दीवार में तेरा चेहरा उभर आये

Mere jism ke tukdo ka gar mahal ban sake

To har deewar mein tera chehra ubhar aaye

साथ बिताये तो है हमने बहुत लम्हे मगर

इज़हार का ये मौका पहला है

Saath bitayein to hai humne bahut lamhe magar

Izhaar ka ye mauka pehla hai

कोई मुलाकात हमारी आखरी न हो

आज दिल की यही तमन्ना है

हैप्पी वैलेंटाइन्स डे

Koi mulakat hamari akhri na ho

Aaj dil ki yahi tamanna hai

साथ रह कर चाहते रहने में क्या खूबी है

दूर रह कर जो चाहता रहे वो इश्क़ बहुत खूब है

Saath rah kar chahte rehne mein kya khoobi hai

Dur rah kar jo chahta rahe wo ishq bahut khoob hai

ख्वाहिशों की कोई लम्बी कतार नहीं इस दिल में

सिर्फ तुम्हे चाहता हूँ और कुछ भी नहीं

Khwahishon ki koi lambi katar nahin is dil mein

Sirf tumhe chahta hun aur kuch bhi nahin

Dur ho kar bhi hamesh ke liye jud gaya

Tu yaar tha pehle, ab majhab ho gaya

साँसों में तेरे एहसास

थड़कन में तेरा नाम

ख्वाब तेरे आँखों में

अब और क्या मिसाल दू इश्क़ की

Happy Valentines Day My Love

Saanso mein tere ehsaas

Thadkan mein tera naam

Khwab tere aankhon mein

Ab aur kya sabut du ishq ka

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Remembering your loved one on this day is natural. But expressing your emotions is not simple for everyone. These valentines day messages will help you to tell the stories of your heart to your someone special. Do not miss this day and tell your loved one how you have loved them and will keep loving forever. Modern life is extremely busy and love and friendships should not be at the backseat. No matter how busy you are, spare some time on 14th February for your dear ones. Sending a message or posting valentine day status update takes few minutes but it will work wonders in your relations. Wishing all our users a very happy valentines day 2023.

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