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Happy Friendship Day Messages for Friends and Colleagues

Best Happy Friendship Day Msg in Hindi | English

Find a lovely bunch of happy friendship day messages in English as well as Hindi. The beautiful Sunday of August month is right here. Celebrate it by sending stunning friendship day images and quotes penned for the best friends. These messages are perfect for sharing with school friends, childhood friends, college time friends, hostel friends, and colleagues. This post provides cute friendship day msg in Hindi and English language for your best convenience.

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International friendship day is also celebrated on 30th July by many. However, most of the countries observe friendship day on the first Sunday of August. Hence, friendship day date varies every year. If you are getting confused about the date of the friendship day, here is an end to it. The day falls on Sunday and hence the date will differ. If you are not able to party with your friends, send them a lovely friendship day wishes, quotes, and status.

happy friendship day messages

friendship day messages msg best friends

Happy Friendship Day Messages 2021 and Wishes

Thanks to the smart messaging applications, we can share cute graphics and videos with our friends. We can not only wish our friends with text messages but also make them smile with lovely friendship day videos and GIFs. Here we have provided cute friendship day messages for your dear friends and colleagues.

A beautiful friendship stands all the challenges of time

It is intact despite the changing seasons of life.

Let us celebrate our friendship together,

Happy Friendship Day!

These messages come specially for you

to let you know how much you mean

& how you made my life worth living.

I hope you stay in my life forever.

Happy Friendship day to my dearest friend!

Life has many colours & many seasons

the best colour is friendship

the best season is when a true friend is with you.

Truly said, the best moments of life are those

shared with friends.

Happy Friendship Day to all my dear Friends,

with whom I spent lovely moments.

Having a true friend is a luck

Knowing true friend’s worth is wisdom

Preserving a friend’s friendship is the best thing to do

A Very Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship adds joys to our life

It subtracts sorrows & divides miseries

It is a relationship that grows in a quiet corner of hearts!

A very Happy Friendship day to my lovely friend!

Good friends are like beautiful mornings

they are not present every time

but you are sure of them to be there

once you sleep and wake up.

Have a great eventful Friendship Day!

Everyone can adorn a friendship band

Everyone can have a sweet chocolate

Everyone can buy a sweet rose

But only I can have a sweet friend like U!

Wish you a lovely Friendship Day!

I have many friends;

Some are hits, some are flops,

Some are comic, some are tragedies,

Some are romantic, some are thrilling

But U R My Oscar-Winning Friend!

A Very Dashing Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship is an unspoken silent promise

Given to friends

‘I will be always there when you need me’

Respect your Friends & Celebrate their value.

A Great Buzzing Friendship Day!

Also, share these happy friendship day messages with your colleagues and family members.

Hindi Friends Day Messages for Friendship Day

Hey Guys! Do not worry if you are looking to wish your dear ones by sending friendship day messages in Hindi. Here we have given a lovely bunch of best friends forever messages in Hindi. Do send them to your best friends to tell them you have not forgotten the times spent together.

शायद फिर वो किस्मत मिल जाये

फिर से वो मासूमियत के पल खिल जाये

चल फिर से जा के बैठे क्लास की उस लास्ट बेंच पर

शायद फिर से वो पुराने दोस्त मिल जाये

हैप्पी फ्रेंडशिप डे डिअर

मांगी थी एक ख्वाहिश हमने रब से

दे देना एक दोस्त जो अलग हो सबसे

उंसने मिला दिया हमें तुम से और कहा

सम्भालो इसे ये प्यारा है सबसे

कोई इतना तुम्हे चाहे तो बताना

कोई इतना रूठने पर मनाये तो बताना

दोस्ती तो सब कर लेंगे तुम से

कोई हमारी तरह निभाए तो बताना

दोस्ती इत्तफाक से भी हो जाती है

या रोज रोज की मुलाकात से भी हो जाती है

शुरुआत कैसे भी हो इसकी

आगे चल कर ख़ास हो ही जाती है

Happy Friendship Day

गलत रस्ते पर जाने से जो रोक रहा हो

समझो वो दोस्त सच्चा हिरा है

रास्ता बदल देना मगर

उस दोस्त को खोने नहीं देना

दोस्त तो सबके होते है

दोस्ती हर कदम पर हो जाती है

मगर हमसे ज्यादा मेहरबान कोई नहीं

क्योंकि सबसे प्यारा दोस्त तो हमारी ज़िन्दगी में आया

Happy friendship day 2021

रिश्तों की डोर बहुत नाजुक होती है

मगर दोस्ती फौलाद की तरह मजबूत है

रिश्ते बहुत मिले है ज़िन्दगी में हमें

पर बात जब सच्चे दोस्त की हो

तो हमारी नज़र आप को ही ढूंढती है

Whether you wish your friend using Hindi friendship day message or msg in English; feelings will remain the same. Our messages and friends forever quotes perfectly reflect the spirit of friendship. We all know friendship is all about love, understanding, care, fun, and lifetime support. Keep visiting us to find best friendship day images and captions.

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