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Best Friend Forever Caption for Instant Sharing

Find short and catchy one-liner happy friendship day caption for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Captions are the best way to add our feelings and moods to the posted image or video. People often look for various captions over the internet. Whether you need friends forever caption or captions for having fun with friends; find it here. offers huge collections of beautiful happy friendship day images, photos, sayings, and greetings.

Most of the youngsters and teenagers today are active on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Captions are often very short one-liners that are added to the posts on social media platforms. As and when we post or share any video or image or infographic; we add our own views or say on the same. This is known as caption and it is an informative line or few words that tell others what we feel about the post or share. We have shared friendship day captions that you can use on friendship day to wish your friends.

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Best Caption for Friendship Day 2020

Share these beautiful friendship day captions honouring and appreciating your friends and friendship with your near and dear friends and let them know you value their preciousness. Express your gratitude to your friends for being with you always in good and bad times. It would be fun to thank them and wish them a Happy Friendship Day with all the beautiful colours and pictures these images carry.

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When no one stands; a friend does

Friends rock;  Happy friendship day guys

A friend with whom you can laugh without reason, with whom you can drink and scream is worth millions of dollars!

Friendship is a beautiful rose in the garden of relations!

Friendship is not just a great thing. It made up of a million little joys and cheers.

A single rose can freshen up the garden. A single friend can make your life worth living. Wishing you a great Friendship Day!

A company of a good friend is the best therapy you need when frustrated!

The best gift you can have from your friend is his/her friendship!

A real friend comes in your way only when you are going the wrong way!

Friendship is great when you can share everything with your friend despite distances and years in between you.

Happy Friendship Day!

Life has sorrows and pains. But it has friends too! Happy Friendship Day to all!

Friends are those caring people who eagerly wait for your answer after asking you, ‘How are You?’ Happy Friendship Day to my Dear Friends!

True friends remain with you when all the world turns you down. Value friends and friendship! Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship is the only ship you can trust in all kind of weathers. Wishing everyone a lovely friendship day!

A good friend will call you ‘lovable’ though are stupid, fool and absent-minded!

Friendship is a way of God to be with us always!

Best friends are like the best wines. The older they are; the more delightful and true they are!

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Catchy Caption for Friends Forever to Please your Friends

Here sharing beautiful and catchy friendship day captions for friends forever posts. We meet people and very few of them become very special for us. They are friends for life and we never want to part with them. These lines truly express the feelings you have for such special lifetime friends.

Friends are Forever or They are Not Friends

Wishing all my dear friends who are always there

Distance is a joke for true friends

I do not need to own diamonds; I have friends

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Without friends, even the richest person feels poor

Dear BFF, Be with me forever as you have always been

Far or close whatever; we are friends forever

You can leave me but only after I breathe my last

Friendship fights all the odds to stay as long as life stays

Captions accompany videos, GIFs, and images. You can find lovely and cute friendship day GIFs, wallpapers, and photos on our website. Wishing all our visitors a very happy friendship day 2020. Have fun and do not forget to wish your friends and family members.

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