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100+ Happy Friendship Day Status for Whatsapp

Short Friendship Status in English and Hindi

Here is the best collection of beautiful friendship day status for WhatsApp to share with your dear friends. The first Sunday of August is on 2nd of the month and hence this day special for all the friends. Express your feelings for your friends in words which are perfect to do it. You must be communicating with your friends over this messaging app and when its time to show you value their friendship in every way. We are sure you will like this friendship day whatsapp status for friendship day. Our blog also shares cute happy friendship day messages.

friendship status

Thanks to various messaging apps and social media, we can communicate in different ways. We can also wish all our friends just by uploading a single status on Whatsapp. Many of us also wish our friends by changing our Whatsapp DP. offers an excellent collection of friendship day DP, status, Shayari, and wishes. We are glad to provide you with these lines on friendship and love.

friendship day status whatsapp english

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friendship status hindi

Whatsapp Status Lines for Friendship Day in English

These are beautiful, cute and smart friendship day attitude status for you. As the friendship day has arrived, do share these cute and short lines on your Whatsapp status. Send them to your friends to wish them a very happy friendship day 2020. We are sure you would love these friendship day statuses. You can simply copy and paste these lines in your devices and chats.

friendship day status
  1. Friends are those guardian angels who just remain by side in difficult times.
  2. A simple Hi can give birth to a life long friendship.
  3. When everyone leaves you and go, the only person to rely on is a true friend.
  4. True friends are like mirrors, they show you what you are.
  5. The first rule of friendship is accepting as you are.
  6. With friends, you joys get multiplied and sorrows get divided.
  7. Friends don’t walk ahead to lead, they don’t walk behind to follow. They are at your side always.
  8. Some friends are mysterious. They just walk into our life at some difficult stage, sets everything all right and leave without asking anything.
  9. Love may fail, friendship remains
  10. Your best friends are those who tell you your weaknesses and still you don’t feel bad.
  11. Friendship is a sweet responsibility to shoulder.
  12. True friends are jewels, think twice before losing them.
  13. Friendship is gold that cannot be sold.
  14. Friends are like flowers, they just leave sweet refreshing scent even after they leave. When they with us, they are beautiful to our senses.
  15. It is only with the best friends that you have laughed to the point of stomachaches.
  16. When someone says ‘Nothing will happen to you till I am alive’, that’s called friendship.
  17. Love is a special word for care, care is a special word for friend, a friend is a special word for you.
  18. True friendship doesn’t need recharges of calls and messages. You will find it the same even after years.
  19. If you are 100 steps away from your friend. You just need to take one step ahead. Rest 99 will be taken by your friend to reach you.
  20. Friends are sugary sweet. They pick up the phones at the first ring. They reply messages as if its a duty. They are with you before you finish calling their names.
  21. Memories may leave. Remembrance of a true friend remains in heart for always.
  22. Sweet memories are often connected with best friends
  23. Ever thought why friendships are so beautiful. The care-free and fun-filled moments without any responsibilities and restrains are spent with friends.
  24. A world without colours? Dull. Same as a life without friends.
  25. Life will change from college to office, from books to files,
  26. From thumbs up to juices, from girlfriends to wife,
  27. What doesn’t change is the relation of friends.
  28. Friendship comes with a free package of lifetime care, boundless love and infinite support
  29. Friendship is a promise of understanding other first before expressing self
  30. Everything seems uncertain except friends in this world.
  31. Thanks for being my friend, for taking my every stupidity lovingly and understanding me without saying a word
  32. If you see someone cool when other is calling him stupid, duffer and crazy, they may be the best friends.
  33. Friends are always good at maths. They add joys, minus fears, multiply the fun and divide sadness
  34. Best friends will push you when they see an opportunity for you to grow.
  35.   Love has no reason, but friendship has no season
  36.   Love could walk for a mile, the friendship will always be in style.
  37.   The validity of my friendship is not be expired anytime
  38.   It is free and loaded with all discounts.
  39.   If God asks me what you want? A million-dollar or a good friend? I will choose a million because I am already having you.
  40.   Friends are like a computer. They enter your life and save you in your heart. They format all your difficulties and never delete you from their heart.
  41.   Good friends are fast forgiving and slow to anger.
  42.   Friends listen when we have a problem,
  43.    They help dry the tears from our face
  44.    They take away our sorrows to put happiness in its place!
  45.     Another month, another year, another smile and another tear    Another winter and another summer But there cannot be another friend like you.
  46.   Find a friend like you is finding a pot of happiness
  47.   People are unable to find best friends. Of course, because all the best ones are with me.
  48.   When the rest of the world walks out, the real friends stay
  49.   Sweet memories, stupid fights, cute inside jokes, and craziest pranks.   All fun happened with me when I was with you!
  50.  Friends are those who care without hesitation, who love without limitation and who remember without communication.
  51.  Friends are the most important part of your life. They are not with you always,  but when  you are in trouble, they come from nowhere and stand beside you.

Friendship Day Status in Hindi for Friends

Everyone these days loves to update friendship status with some catchy lines and image. When we have a special day, it is simple to wish everyone by posting a status update. Here is some beautiful friendship day status in the Hindi language. Use these lines to wish your friends as captions for instagrams.

तेरे जैसा यार कहाँ कहा ऐसा याराना

हैप्पी फ्रेंडशिप डे डिअर फ्रेंड

चाहते है तुझे आसमान से ज्यादा

तेरी दोस्त अजीज है अपनी जान से ज्यादा

दोस्त ही वो सितारें है जो अँधेरी रातों में भी साथ नहीं छोड़ते

चाँद भी आसमान छोड़ जाता है एक दिन के लिए

मगर दोस्त नहीं जाता कभी अंधेरो में छोड़ कर

हर लम्हा तैयार है सहारा देने को, हंसने हंसाने को भी

वो दोस्त ही है जो रो लेता है हमारी आँख के आंसू को भी

प्यार ख़तम होता है तो कहते है Break Up

दोस्ती ख़तम हो तो कहते है – हो नहीं सकता

हैप्पी फ्रेंडशिप डे

दो अनजाने मिलते है

मुस्कुराते है

साथ बिताते है कुछ पल

और बन जाते है दोस्त

हमेशा के लिए

दोस्तों की सबसे बड़ी talent क्या होती है

सब ठीक है के पीछे छुपी मुश्किल को जान लेना

friendship day quotes hindi

घडी की दो सुइयां है हम दोस्तों

दूर सही मगर जुड़े रहते है

एक दूजे की मुश्किलों में

हाज़िर रहते है

Share these Hindi friendship day status messages over your Whatsapp update and let your friends know how much you value them. Give way to your feelings and share them with your friends using our beautiful and heart touching friendship status. Also, check latest friendship day photos shared on our website.

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